Human approach on human stuff

A gentle example of chaos

DIY mentality

Chaotic means different

Hold on there! Chaos is good! The stiff and formal approach on things makes everything stale, tasteless and without personality. Entropy and a controlled chaotic approach unleashes all the potential of a project, giving space to the human side, the vision and the mission in an appealing and attention-grabbing “mess”. Let’s break down all the boring and over-used best practises and let all the true nature of your ambition shine through! Be a Chaotic Man yourself!

Music, image, design and more

Nothing is out of reach!

All the projects under this black and orange umbrella have their own identity and pathway, as well as all the collabs and commissioned works. Everything is approached in a way that lets the personality and inner nature of the intent of the people behind it be the true protagonist and main focus of the development of whatever you want to be developed, you got the point!

Featured Projects

Here’s what this is all about

These are my own projects, they are all separated from each other and deserve their own sections and “showroom” to showcase what they’re all about!

CM Music

Music Production / Image Management

Objective Dellingr

Artworks and Design