Chaos in a concrete form

Objective Dellingr

Objective Dellingr is “the art division in my head” (that sounds psychotic and pretentious i know, just wait to see the absurd stuff i make and then we’ll talk). Everything that is visual arts and artworks production comes out with this name. Hope you enjoy a bumpy ride because with OD i like to get pretty crazy pretty easily

Objective Dellingr is a project that has his focus directed to digital art and graphic designing of a certain nature and target. The main inspirations for this project come from the amazing semi-abstract art of Jacob Bannon and all his amazing works for Deathwish bands and numerous metallic hardcore and hardcore bands from all over the world. With that being said there’s an attempt to give a different spin to the visual representation of each artwork. Custom artworks and graphics are not made with a sterile and machine-like approach. I want to create the visual rappresentation of your idea, your song, your ep, your event. I need to know the people behind the project, what emotions and sensation they want the artwork has to communicate. Your artwork is YOUR artwork, it has to fit you like OJ Simpson’s glove if he really tried to put it on during the trials. But if you feel motion towards an already-made artwork that’s great, i always try to create relatable subjects without sacrifice my artistic integrity and freedom. I don’t want to seem pretentious and say “I’M GOD, BUY MY STUFF, YOU INFERIROR BEING” but i’m pretty confident i can understand what you look for to represent your project if your approach puts the people that are part of this project in front of everything else.


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From artworks to shirt designs to larger media production, flyers and smaller stuff here’s the latest insights of what i did

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