Chaos to wear and other cool stuff

Chaotic Man Collections

So yeah, here’s the stuff i don’t feel the need to sell or that I really would like to share with you! I don’t guarantee the best quality or the best usability but how the heck wants perfection? You don’t? That’s good, enjoy these collections my dude!

1 – Awful Bass Drops Collection

Awful Bass Drops is a collection of 16 diffent Bass Drop samples ( 8 long shots and 8 short shots) that space from the more classical 808/sine dropping bass to distorted drops, falling and rising drops and ear crushing and clipping ones. You can clearly use them freely, pitch shift them up and down and resize them as much as you want.
The intent of this pack is bring back the usage of those infamous clipping bass drops that you can ear in most of the releases by Deathcore bands in the MySpace Era.

So yeah, don’t use them wisely!


  • DeepImpact (Long and Short)
  • DronePow (Long and Short)
  • HellDrop (Long and Short)
  • Apocalyptic (Long and Short)
  • The Clipper (Long and Short)
  • Worse Enemy (Long and Short)
  • Downfall (Long and Short)
  • Downfall 2 (Long and Short) —> This has just more attack than the base version

In the rough demo down below you’ll hear the DronePow and HellDrop