Production / Managing / Social Media

Agosto Nero

Agosto Nero is a solo project focused mainly of producing post-hardcore, emotional post-metal music, sporadically touching EDM, Emo trap and heavier kind of metal and hardcore territories. Everything is DIY, from the writing process, recording and production, social media managing and “brand” identity, as well as design of merch, cover arts, promo material and video making.

Agosto Nero is something i experiment on with the different styles and genres of music i feel closer at the moment i decide it’s time to write something. I want to keep this project as individual and as personal as possible. Recording and writing all by myself, printing the cds and handcrafting the packaging myself, as well as designing my own merch and manage it through a dropshipping platform(yeah i know, not that DIY but still, i guess i’m trying right?). I played just two shows (yeah, i sang with all the instruments blasted through the PA through a laptop, true hardcore fondamentalists are gonna hate me, i know.) and i feel that the response has being great, considering i was just a guy with a snapback and lyrics about how much this life is sucky sometimes.

Chaotic man is actually a man, who would have thought?

DIY for necessity (and choice)

Agosto Nero is a journey by myself and mostly for myself. Nothing of it is written or performed with an hollow spirit or superficial attitude. Just raw feelings and emotions (such deep).


  • Agosto Nero ( EP, 7 Songs, 21st August 2021 )
  • La Bellezza nell’Orrore ( EP, 7 Songs, 16th January 2022 )
  • Una raccolta di storie che nessuno vuole sentire ( EP, 12 Songs, 17th April 2022 )
  • Desaturato ( EP, 8 Songs, 12th June 2022 )
  • Per poter sorridere bisogna stringere i denti (Album, 13 Songs, 19th August 2022 )
  • Halloween EP I (EP, 4 Songs, 30th October 2022 )
  • Artemide (EP, 6 Songs, 25th November 2022 )
  • Demetra (pt.1) (EP, 5 Songs, 14th March 2023 )
  • Ho tagliato le mie stesse ali (Cover Song, 6th May 2023 )
  • Ali di cera Orchestral version ( Orchestral remix, 23rd June 2023 )